Friday, April 8, 2011

What I Did During The Tennessee Power Outage

Semi-serious storms knocked out electricity (or, as it's colloquially known here, "power," or simply, "lights") for several days this week. Fortunately, the nights were cool, and though a lot of my food spoiled, I had nothing to do except read by lantern-light. I found a book that I bought some time ago; why, or where, I can't remember. It's "A Psychic in the Heartland: The Extraordinary Experiences of a Small-Town Doctor." It was "endorsed" by Robert Butts (the scholar behind the Seth material), which is probably why I got it. (Seriously.) I've read about a third so far. It is what the title promises: the diary of mid-western osteopathic doctor who recorded his OOBEs in a journal, which he later presented to his niece, who spent several years editing the material for publication. Dr. Hout was affiliated with Spiritualism, and the influence is apparent. But it is his OOBE journal that I'm most interested in. I also kept an OOBE journal a few years ago, and I've studied the phenomenon for a long time. There is a remarkable consistency to valid OOBE accounts, and I personally believe that there is much that the OOBE experience can teach us about what I call the "physics of the afterlife."

I'm also picking up Jeremy Vaeni's "Urgency" and am looking forward to reading it. When I read esoteric literature (and I think that "Urgency" would loosely fit into the esoteric, rather than the paranormal, category), I do what I always do: look for common threads that appear in other works. 

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