Saturday, April 30, 2011

Experiment: an attempt to engage Spirit

Following the model of "self-science" described by Dr. Schwartz, I made an attempt today while working the Shriner's paper sale this morning. I was standing in the street, collecting donations, when I made the mental request along the lines of, "If there are spiritual presences around me that I can engage, who are aware of my request, send me an unambiguous sign." I then waited. I've done these sorts of things before, half-heartedly, and I don't remember receiving any sort of sign. But this time I was hopeful. What sign would I receive, if any? What would qualify as "unambiguous"?  Having a vehicle almost run me over and me being pulled out of harm's way by an angel?  A bird lighting on my shoulder?

A while later (maybe thirty minutes), my attention was drawn to the house on the other side of the street. I watched as the people who lived there milled around in their back yard, and I saw a balloon floating around them, which they had released. It was one of those helium balloons that can be gotten at Walmart, decorated with Disney characters, floating, but anchored at the bottom of its string by a red plastic star. I watched as it bobbed and floated over the fence, making its way slowly but deliberately across the front yard, and finally into the street, heading inexorably in my direction. It was caught by another solicitor, who tied it to a street sign to carry home to his children. It later vanished.

Was this my sign? Like much of this sort of thing, impossible to say, but impossible to not say.

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