Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dream of the near future

I had this dream this morning, or perhaps it was more than a dream. I was conscious, aware. Perhaps I was caught up in the third heaven. I had wanted to see the "near future"... not one hundred years from not, but not next year, and this was the result.

What I got, I think, was the year 2027, or slightly sooner. I sensed that it was a time near the end of my present life. I was viewing London from the vantage point of the air, with the Atlantic ocean to one side. I saw the sky churning; I don't know if a massive storm was brewing, or if the sky was affected by something greater. Time seem speeded up, as the sky waxed from blue to greenish. And then, a massive tidal wave of water swept over the city, obliterating all before it.

I wanted to know when this time was, and I was curious about the future, so I zoomed down to the city streets. I saw vehicles, very different than todays'--they seem to be much smaller, three-wheeled, colorful, efficient. I don't know if they ran on gasoline. I saw models that I didn't recognize. One vehicle model was named "Zip." I saw an older Toyota. My sense was that Londoners weren't using internal-combustion gasoline engines... or perhaps they were--simply very efficient ones.

I visited kiosks inside a mall... I wanted to find a year, a calendar, anything that would give me evidentiary proof that I had, indeed, seen this time. But I could find nothing. And I could learn nothing more about the environmental catastrophe sweeping the world.

I sense that I am coming full circle from the time of my dreams of the same "event" that I had in the 1980s. Those dreams seem to have happened only a short time ago. I remember wondering what "I" would be doing if, or when, these dreams came about. Now, I realize that we, even the most long-lived of us, are here for only a short while.