Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Starfire Tor predictions for 2011 (Dreamland, January 2011)

I've had high expectations for Starfire Tor's predictions for the coming year.  Although her concepts of "timelines" and "time shifts" sound quite exotic and far-fetched, they are essentially identical to Seth's notions of "probabilities."   That Starfire was able to articulate such a complex model, which she apparently learned intuitively, is quite amazing. Seth's notions of "probabilities" is a difficult one to grasp, but is worth the effort, since it seems to explain a number of paranormal time anomalies.

So while I think her methodology is sound, I'm not sure that it can be used to actually predict the future.

I've said over and over that while I think precognition is real and that we can glimpse the future, I'm skeptical of most of the public figures who insist that they can turn this faculty on at will. A sampling of any Coast To Coast guest seer will prove this; they all have abysmal success rates, yet they continue to be invited onto the show every January to make the usual calamitous predictions of nuclear war and asteroid strikes.

Which is the trap that Starfire Tor fell into. She made two major predictions: An asteroid strike, with widespread death and destruction; and an electromagnetic pulse bomb that results in the failure of unshielded electronic devices over a wide area.

(Note to self: Go back and erase this blog entry in the event that these predictions come true.)

I do not think that her predictions are probable, however, because she completely missed the two big events of the past few months: the 10.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami off of Japan, and the major political upheavals in the Middle East.

I have actually been pulling for Starfire because I think that she is onto something quite valid, but I have to reject the catastrophism that permeates much New Age-think.

On Starfire's earlier guest spot on Coast To Coast, she traipsed very close to predicting the tsunami when she made a vague mention of floods, but she failed to get specific.  I remember that a caller to the show did say that he foresaw a "nuclear explosion," which in fact did occur when hydrogen ignited at several Japanese nuclear reactors following the earthquake.

There are complex reasons why I think that deliberate attempts at precognition usually fail, which I would like to write about later... because they might give some insight into the complex relationship between the mortal self in time.

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  1. Hey, I did a video on youtube the other day about Starfire Tor. I think U & me must be friends out of body! We sure do think alike! So refreshing to see another person whose brain is actually working! Marlon