Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worth having listened to on Coast To Coast...

March 14, 2011, Kevin Malarkey's account of his son Alex's NDE following a horrific auto accident; six-year-old Alex returns with detailed descriptions of "Jesus," "angels," and "heaven." Do I believe him?  Yes.  But while I believe that he experienced what he experienced, maybe we ought to strip the religious terminology from his account to better understand it. Maybe? Perhaps the initial stages of the afterlife are like the physical life--symbolic. What we observe and experience is symbolic of something else.  I don't think that a Buddhist (or agnostic) NDE'er would see Jesus.  Or Allah.

March 19, 2011, Bart Ehrman on New Testament "forgeries." It's an open secret that most of the New Testament books were not authored by whom they purport to be. Mainstream Christian commentators neglect to mention this. Fundamentalists are too ignorant to know this. Does it matter in the grand scheme?  Absolutely--to the scholar. And peripherally, to the mystic. Jesus lived. What Jesus did, and what it means, we are still discovering.  I think that we can all agree with Dr. Ehrman that just because something is written down, it is not the final word.

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