Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A noteworthy ADC

I regularly browse Dr. Jeff Long's ADC website because I firmly believe that the truest accounts of contact with the non-physical are in humble, personal experiences, not in the overwrought books of psychic celebrities. So I thought that this personal account by Nicola was a compelling read, and if I can drive traffic to it, I will. There, you will read the fascinating story of that old cliché--the carnival fortune-teller--who is in fact a "real" clairvoyant, and who makes a bold prediction--which comes true; a homeless man who delivers confirmation of Nicola's father's presence by singing her father's favorite song (one of my faves, too); a communicated message from the father of a "surprise" for the daughter--and it is a surprise so remarkable that I regard it as supernatural. All of these synchronicities are woven so carefully into the fabric of Nicola's daily life that, to outsiders, they are unremarkable. But to the individual who is in the habit of looking for them, synchronicities such as these are clear evidence of a "greater" reality that underlies and envelops our physical existence.

I think that this is the reason that I'm skeptical of many (if not most) published and/or famous paranormal accounts. Most are too over-the-top; too "amazing"; too unbelievable; too contrived. Genuine experiences tend to be subtle and largely invisible except to those who are meant to experience them. And the proofs are also unimpressive to the outside observer--but carry profound symbolic meaning to the experiencer.