Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who loses if Obama wins? The Psychic Twins!

Terry and Linda Jamison, aka "The Psychic Twins," boldly predicted on two recent Coast to Coast AM broadcasts (June 1, 2007 and February 7, 2008) that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic primary, to compete with the Republican nominee Rudy Giuliani, win the Presidency, and serve one term. I don't know how they could have possibly been more wrong. It wasn't that I was hoping that they would be (though I voted for Obama in the primaries); I am always on the lookout for a modern-day Edgar Cayce. But the Psychic Twins ain't it.

They seem nice enough ladies... but I'm not sure that they will be invited back on Coast to Coast, except maybe to spin why and how they failed so miserably to buck the conventional wisdom by actually predicting something *different* from what two-thirds of politically savvy seers might have done in 2007. I am so glad that I never had that psychic reading from them--I put my name on their waiting list. I will go out on a limb here by predicting that I might move up the list fairly quickly as others drop off, unless, of course, the Jamison twins intuit that I am writing this blog.

This is not to disparage genuine psychic precognitive ability, which is quite rare and valuable when it's authentic, and authenticated, but the true test of a "psychic" is when said psychic actually predicts the future and not, as most do, point to some past vague muttering in the past, post facto, and say, "See? Four months ago, I predicted that a hurricane will strike the Southeast sometime this summer."

Other things about the June 2007 interview disturbed me, and I am glad that I can now toss them out with the rest of their insights... In particular, the Twins insisted that the Iraq war was unfortunate but necessary; in fact, they both emphasized several times that this war was predestined to serve as some sort of vague psychic cleansing of the Middle East. No, Mmes. Jamison, the Iraq war was directly caused by the decision of one hubristic man who, had he not been elected President in 2000, this essay would not have been written. A war of choice, begun by a fool, supported by the blind. While life, and the world, operate in this fashion, I don't think that karma does, and it is paternalistic to assert otherwise.

Who knew that Obama would clear so many things up?