Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Seth’s “electrical” plane

I’m in the middle of writing something up about an interesting discussion in one of the Seth books about a plane that is composed primarily of electricity, and how this plane interfaces with our material one. I think it might explain a lot about “spirit” communications.  This follows my reading of one of those popular and spooky sorts of books, “Phantom Messages (Chilling Phone Calls, Letters, Emails and Texts from Unknown Realms).”  It’s actually a better book than it sounds and it’s one of only two books on this topic; the other being “Phone Calls From The Dead” by the late D. Scott Rogo (very out-of-print and very expensive).  I really wished I had gotten Rogo’s book when it came out, but this wasn’t easy to do in 1979.  (Back then, you had to somehow know that a book existed, and then you had to physically travel to a store that carried it. I do have Rogo’s book on astral projection, however.). I should have the entry up in a few days, assuming the world doesn’t end.