Saturday, June 30, 2018

Here come bad news, talking this and that

Recently I’ve been dropping by and reading Whitley Strieber’s journal entries with some interest. He has been dropping hints about impending earth changes which will wreak havoc on our current environmental and economic status quo. So far, they are just hints. He has promised to flesh them out later. I think that it’s imperative that he do this, if indeed he possesses such specific information from a valid source. (In the past, however, he has had a tendency to over-promote.)

It’s easy to dismiss Whitley Strieber, as I have wanted to do on many occasions, but some of his information strikes me as too compelling to ignore. The question of climate and earth changes is one of those issues that I believe we ignore at our peril.

I have never trusted Strieber’s “Visitors,” their motives, or their information. I no longer believe in mass human abductions, and I don’t buy the premise that UFOs are the “cause” of any such abductions, if indeed they’re occurring. However, if in fact these beings are willing to go on the record with specific warnings of events that (for once) do pan out and do occur, then I’m open to changing my opinion. The fact that Earth is entering a dangerous phase is undeniable, and the issue is of such tremendous importance that I’m willing to listen to any source with a genuine offer of assistance.