Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going through my OOBE journal

In the late '80s, I began having OOBEs regularly. While none of my experiences rate as spectacular, particularly compared to some of the other accounts out there, they were significant to me, and as usual, I kept a digital journal (stored on a 5 1/4" floppy in my Tandy 1000). The experiences were significant enough to convince me that the phenomenon was real.

Throughout the years, I'd occasionally encounter something during the OOBEs that I have always described as a "force." It might have been kundalini energy, or it might have been a discarnate intelligence. I've never identified who or what the "force" is, but I always know its presence. The "force" seemed to correspond to particularly strong OOBEs, almost as if I were being given an energy boost. On April 13, 1987, I jotted down this interesting account:

Yesterday I purchased Budd Hopkins's latest book, "Intruders." I read several pages of it and became very disturbed, as I usually am when I read UFO abduction reports. I was very restless upon going to bed and tossed for over an hour. When I finally did fall asleep, I felt the "force" come through me and begin saying something to me (not with words, but with "impressions"). I believe that the force was discussing Hopkins's book. I began trying to moan words in response to the force but finally ended up screaming.

I now believe that if Hopkins had approached the abduction subject with a more objective (and perhaps, even positive) frame a mind, he might have spared us all a lot of nightmares. Because I actually do believe that the phenomenon mirrors, abstractly, the emotional baggage that we carry to it. In the end, neither scary abduction stories, nor cheerful buxom Venusians, "explain" the phenomenon, but I would rather have a Venusian traipse into my room instead of a malevolent, undefinable something else.

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