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John Hogue's 2011 predictions, Dreamland

I am just now getting around to hearing this show, so I thought I'd jot down some thoughts before they evaporate.

Overall, Mr. Hogue's 2011 predictions strike me as more reasonable than Starfire Tor's, despite the fact that I've never seriously studied his predictions before, and I'm not too confident about his "oracular" method of divining the future. However, in a nutshell, this is what he is predicting:

He began by making a number of vague but not unforeseeable predictions about the weather for 2011--heat waves, tornadoes, and the like. Not only has this been the pattern for the past few years, it's also been the trend. However, he did specifically predict that a hurricane will hit Houston this year--so we should watch for this.

He then digressed by describing events within the coming decade. He foresaw a new source of energy being discovered and developed that would be sufficient to end our energy crisis and free us from the grid.

This is not a unique prediction; I've seen it elsewhere: Specifically, in Stephan Schwartz's 2050 project, as well as in the Robert Monroe books. But it is an unusual prediction, and I actually think that Mr. Hogue is on the mark here.

In 2005 I had a couple of dreams related to future energy production. The "peak oil" fear had become mainstream by then, and I think that my dreams were in response to this fear. In one particular dream, I was "attending a sort of tour/meeting by some higher beings. They appeared human in all respects. I can't remember much about the meeting." Inevitably, "ET" reared its anatomically impossible head, and the dream continued:

At some point, an awareness hit me about the reasons that the aliens were here on Earth. I called out to them that I thought I knew why they were here. They immediately came up to me and began looking me in the face. I saw now that although they seemed human at first glance, their eyes were a bit larger and darker than normal, like alien eyes. I told them that in ten or twenty years, the human race would develop a source of power that would transform our civilization, and they were here to monitor and control it. They immediately began to try to shush me, indicating that this was a secret of sorts, not to be disseminated as general knowledge. They confirmed that they were trying to put a break on this development until the human race was evolved enough to handle the discovery. The impression that I got was that they were "stopping" time in a way. This was also why, they indicated, there were random alien inspections in strange areas.

The notion that the aliens/visitors/whoever are here to monitor and control human behavior is more plausible than any hybrid-creation scheme, and it makes sense that if these beings are shadowing our military and space vehicles, "they" would also want to study the backbone of our society--our energy production.

Mr. Hogue also predicts that in this century the human race will evolve into a new species which he called "homo novus," or the new human, which will be "at one with nature." While this is fundamental plank in the New Age platform, it's also cited by both Native American and other credible mystical authorities. In so doing, Mr. Hogue aligns himself with the non-catastrophic wing of the paranormal... and, as I like to emphasize, the New Age catastrophists have been predicting the end of our civilization since I've been studying the movement, and they have distinguished themselves only by being completely wrong every single time.

Toward the end of the episode, Whitley reels Mr. Hogue in and pins him down for the year 2011. Notably, Hogue predicts that President Obama will politically reinvent himself by serving as a mediator between the two political extremes in Congress. To an extent, this is already happening, and it's not unforeseeable. However, in 2009, Mr. Hogue was emphatic that not only would Mr. Obama be re-elected in 2012, but that the Democrats would retain their majority status in Congress in 2010. He was off the mark here, and he may well be off-the-mark about Mr. Obama's Presidential chances. Prognosticators make political predictions at their own peril.

Mr. Hogue also predicts that by June of this year, we will have avoided another catastrophic economic meltdown, something that he called a "cold depression." This prediction is neither surprising nor unforeseeable, but interesting nonetheless, so it should be easy to check in a couple of months.

I actually like Mr. Hogue and I think that he may have some ability to read the future. His predictions are specific enough to be fact-checkable, and he keeps himself grounded... in other words, no earth-asteroid collisions, no nuclear wars. However, I don't know that his abilities are all that exceptional--most of us could develop similar intuitive abilities with some attention and effort. And again, while I know that precognition is real, and that we can predict specific events, I'm not sure that this ability can be turned on like a light switch. Most of my best precognitive dreams are obvious only in hindsight. There seem to be barriers and safeguards in place to prevent us from absolutely knowing our collective futures. And this is probably for our own good.

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