Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joe McMoneagle on Dreamland

Just like any year is a good one when there is a new Marshall Crenshaw album, I know it's going to be a good podcast when Joe McMoneagle is guest. The recent Dreamland was no exception, and I think that Marla Frees did the best she could with the short time allotted her. Unfortunately, the interview barely had time to scratch the surface and so no new ground was covered. That he was interviewed by Strieber in the subscriber section is a further incentive for me to subscribe, though I think that they discussed the peer-reviewed article that Slashdot ridiculed and mainstream science ignored.

Joe McMoneagle is a what I consider to be a "real deal" and I consider his material significant.  He's made one very astute observation--that "psychic" abilities are often learned in childhood as a survival mechanism due to abuse or neglect.

I wonder if he's divulged any information on what he considers the major (but secret) reason the US invaded Iraq--he teased the listeners with this tidbit during the interview, but Marla didn't follow up on it. He seemed clearly angry over the WMD lie, but he quickly pivoted and said that while the WMD story was an obvious lie, there was reason for the invasion, a reason was kept from the public. What was it?

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