Saturday, March 12, 2011

This week's synchronicities

Generally when I go to town (I live in the country) I generally run into at least one fellow Mason. Even while in the bloodmobile yesterday, one of the Red Cross personnel told me that he was a back-slid Mason (non-payment of dues).  This has been a constant for me for the past couple of years, and it's one of the reasons that I assign a sort of mystical importance to the fraternity. Synchronities are, in my opinion, signals from the "greater self" that are meant to draw our attention to particular themes or lessons.

I have just finished Paratopia 103 with Lynn ("Piglett Shameful"), and I think that these type of personal accounts of the paranormal are very important in collecting data that can be useful. After all, we collect, study, and analyze physical data almost reflexively, but most paranormal data is often regarded as too "squishy" to be analyzed. But Lynn said something that, to me, rang a bell and was quite significant. She described seeing a presence (after her prayer) that manifested as a sort of shadow filled with "sparkles." My wife saw the very same manifestation--and used almost identical terminology to describe it. What's unique about my wife's account was that she was actually witnessing an OOBE that I was having at that same moment.  Afterward, we wrote down our observations and "compared notes." This proved to be a pivotal experience for me and it taught me several things. Foremost, it proved to me that my OOBEs were "real," and not just lucid dreams.  Second, if you observe any presence that is shadowy and filled with sparkles, chances are, the presence is physically incarnated. Presences that are ghost images, projections of the percipient, or entities that seem to be angels, demons, or "aliens" are not (to my knowledge) described as having "sparkles." It's a strange but important detail, and I'm sure it means something; what it is, is unknown.

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