Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Precognitive dream: reading a newspaper headline from two years in the future

In 1995 I had a strange little dream involving me pulling the local newspaper out of the newspaper chute at my childhood home. I opened up the newspaper and saw a headline in bold print, "FM Back." According to the dream, "Apparently, Fleetwood Mac was regrouping with the original lineup and coming to Nashville with a major concert. I saw photos of Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood. I went inside the house and saw my mother in the kitchen; she looked like she did before she became very sick."

I don't think I've posted this before, but I thought about it after listening to the Starfire Tor guest interview on "Coast To Coast" (hosted by Whitley Strieber). As fantastic and improbable as the dream seemed to be at the time (March 15, 1995), it came to pass to the letter two years later:

8:26 AM (ET) 7/19

Fleetwood Mac To Tour Again

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It's no rumor. Fleetwood Mac is back.

They may have gone their separate ways, but the chemistry was still there when they got together for a documentary.

"Fleetwood Mac: Classic Albums," was scheduled to air Tuesday on VH-1. The band, which won a Grammy in 1976 for its album "Rumours," is planning a 45-day tour.

The reunion started when Lindsey Buckingham wanted help on a solo project and called on Mick Fleetwood. He brought in John McVie and before long, the band was back, including Stevie Nicks and McVie's ex-wife, Christine.

I have regarded it as one of my clearest precognitive dreams, and it's similar to Whitley Strieber's more tangible experience of reading a newspaper movie review months before it was published.

Looking at the dream now, six years later, I notice a small detail that I didn't pay much attention to at the time.... The dream setting was strongly suggested to be in the 1970s, before my mother became sick, when it was indeed my habit, pre-Internet, to retrieve the newspaper from the newspaper chute before walking down to the house. So there is that element of nostalgia; my mother had died a couple of years before this dream, and I was magically back in 1977, when Fleetwood Mac was my favorite band, and I was reading a newspaper headline predicting an event to occur in 1997.

Although physically we are destined to traverse time in a strict chronological manner, Seth argues (and Starfire Tor demonstrates) that our non-physical essence is in fact independent of chronological time. We can, if we choose, order our experiences not chronologically but thematically, as a novelist might. Since we create our own narratives, it is to our benefit to remember that our essential selves are not slaves to the clock, and with this freedom we can make tangible changes in our chronological experiences. This is the true meaning of precognitive experiences; they are messages passed through time from one part of ourselves to another.

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