Monday, January 31, 2011

A skeptical turn, before I do January's spreadsheet

As a "Sethian" on the one hand, and a skeptic on the other, I am enjoying "The Sacred Promise" but also running into obstacles to agreeing with its full message. The section on healing is suffuse with conventional religious allusions, occasionally dipping into New Ageism.  If individual healing were as simple as calling out to Spirit, we would have no need for physicians. I know of many very religiously devout people who pray earnestly for healing, but receive none. This one material fact is a barrier to many to embracing religion--as well as to New Age thought.  (Although I do believe that outside forces often aid in healing; just as I believe that our greater self aids. Just not on request.)  In other words, phenomena does not lead to belief (or that word I dislike, "faith"). "Belief" is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, and I prefer a system of thought that I do not have to believe.

(I'm not suggesting that Dr. Schwartz is advocating belief, but belief is the first cousin of religion.)

Just this quibble.

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  1. Well there is also the fact that Seth mentioned the great importance of the electrical reality (as in neurons in our brains, etc.) particularly when dealing with chronic health issues. I've heard Dr Schwartz interviewed 4 times now by Shirley MacLaine. Very smart guy but very left-brained 4 sure. I'm highly critical of New Agey books in general. Seth was the "real thing." Outside of him, it's slim pickings. I don't trust anyone else, though I think there will B others who R as good in the future.