Monday, January 3, 2011

Precognitive dream predicting merger of East and West Germany

I am busy reformatting my dream journal (which I've placed on Google Docs after a computer crash a few years ago wiped out a years' worth). I don't really study my dreams all that much. I write them down and forget about them. Later, I go back, look them over, and see if anything jumps out at me. Frequently, I will notice a number of precognitive elements in my dreams. I don't think that I'm unique, and I'm no longer surprised by this. Anyway, this dream from September of 1988 jumped out at me:

I dreamed that I was moving to West Germany. I was in a particular office, converting my money into Deutschmarks. I was organizing my bills and scraping up every coin, since I knew that American coins would be worthless in Germany. When I got it all together I think I had about $2,000 to convert. I decided to get a new MasterCard in German currency while leaving Visa American. I was talking to someone who was not being as scrupulous with his money as I was being with mine. I was aware that American currency was devalued against German currency, but I didn't care because, as I told the man, the American economy was going downhill and the dollar would be further devalued against the Mark, meaning I would not lose what I was investing now. I saw coming prosperity for Germany. I later checked my money and saw it filed neatly in my wallet.

The dream made no sense to me at the time. However, if you substitute the word "American" with "East German," as I did two years later, the meaning becomes clear. Here is what I noted in July of 1990:

It is obvious to me now that this dream is a prediction of the merging of East Germany with West Germany; the economic union occurred just a few days ago. Replacing the dream's reference of "America" with "East Germany" clarifies the meaning. A few weeks ago, there was a hurried effort to convert East German Marks into West German ones. East German savings accounts were frozen and converted, but the cap was at 2000 Marks, as predicted by this dream.

What is the significance of this dream? Well, granted, this is not a clear, irrefutable prediction. However, giving this dream the benefit of doubt by assuming that it's a prediction of the East-West German merger, it's quite remarkable, since the political forces that led to this reunion did not begin to manifest until a year later. So it would have been difficult for me to pull this prediction out of thin air. And of course, classic science says that such prognostication is impossible. The only explanation that has really impressed me has been Seth's, with his argument that "mass events" are planned and placed in the "future" by the collective intent of the participants. Or, as I heard in one dream, "Every effect creates its own cause."

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