Monday, January 3, 2011

Dream of the US invasion of Panama, over a year before the event

This brief dream that I had in April, 1988, seems to be a clear prediction of "Operation Just Cause," or the American invasion of Panama for the purpose of overthrowing Manuel Noriega:

(April 24, 1988. Sunday) I dreamed that American forces were landing in Panama, officially for training exercises, but in actuality to overthrow dictator Manuel Noriega. I seemed to be viewing this while riding on some sort of hovercraft that was skimming down a swampy path.

Interestingly enough, in my notes to this dream from that day, I recognized it as a prediction of future military action:

This apparently topical dream alludes to rumors that Reagan will order an invasion of Panama, one of the trouble spots brewing in the world right now.

Although Reagan was President at the time of the dream, it was actually his successor (George H. W. Bush) who ordered the invasion.

The major argument against precognition here is the fact that there were indeed rumors that Reagan would invade Panama for the purpose of ousting Noriega. Wikipedia suggests that Reagan refused to invade out of fear that it would hurt George Bush's election chances in '89. With a concision that dreams can be quite capable of, the dream suggests that the invasion would be politically motivated (although, to his credit, Bush Sr. did not accuse Noriega of harboring weapons of mass destruction).

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