Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Further reading on Gary Schwartz's 'The Sacred Promise'

I think I've gotten past the first chapter or so (hard to tell with this Kindle app), and I think that Dr. Schwartz has written an important book; not, necessarily in what he accomplishes, but in what he attempts to accomplish: nothing less than providing scientific validation of what he calls "Spirit." I'm not sure that he will succeed, mostly because of what I've called the "paranormal paradox"; and, as a former Bible scholar who sat through countless lectures in my youth attempting to "prove" the existence of God, I personally think that the bar of proof ought to be set pretty high.... because I know the dangers of a human presupposing that he speaks on behalf of God. I know what these people can do--the damage as well as the good. And there is just a slight echo of religion in Dr. Schwartz's efforts (at least so far).

But, strangely enough, I hope he does succeed, because I know that he's right. I've seen--experienced--tangible evidence of a "Spirit." I've seen this force--personality--presence--intervene at critical moments in my life, and it's happened mostly in the last five years. I've never written about it, and I've rarely discussed it. So I think that the potential is there for Dr. Schwartz to make an important statement. But I think that this evidence will work only if it's disentangled from the centuries of religious contamination, and at least three decades of New Age nonsense. It has to start new.

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