Saturday, June 4, 2011

Precognitive dream of the 1993 Big Bayou Canot train wreck

June 26, 1993. Saturday
This morning I dreamed that I was by a road; it was a paved, small highway. Much of the dream is forgotten. I remember only this scene: A large tractor-trailer truck came lumbering toward a bridge. I knew intuitively that it was going to jump the bridge and crash, which it did, tumbling to a river below. Because it was going fast and was so large, it curled under the bridge and came partway up the other side. It was a major accident; several people were killed instantly. I saw some men bringing a heap of bloody and mangled bodies, and depositing them in front of me.

In the dream I saw a truck, but the real event, of course, involved an Amtrak train. From the current Wikipedia description of the event:

At approximately 2:53 AM, Amtrak's Sunset Limited train, powered by three locomotives en route from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida with 220 passengers and crew aboard, crossed the bridge at high speed and derailed at the kink. The locomotives slammed into the bridge superstructure, causing its destruction. The lead locomotive embedded itself nose-first into the canal bank and the other locomotives, as well as the baggage car, dormitory car and two of the six passenger cars, plunged into the water. The locomotives' fuel tanks, each of which held several thousand gallons of diesel fuel, ruptured upon impact, resulting in a massive fuel spill and a fire. Forty-seven people, 42 of whom were passengers, were killed, many by drowning, others by fire/smoke inhalation.

Accepting that this is a genuine precognitive perception of the event that occurred on September 22, 1993 in Mobile, Alabama (and I believe that it is), I look back now and wonder dreams of such "numinous" (as Joe McMoneagle would say) events occur; what is the purpose of such dreams? We can't prevent the event; and, usually, we are not tied to the event. For me, the answer is, probably, such events reflect my strongest phobias. I am deathly afraid of airplane travel, and I am only slightly more confident of traveling over bridges... Any mode of transportation that puts me in an elevated place will call out my biggest fears. So, it's only natural that I would dream of such events. It's also possible that this might be an "astral rescue" event as described by Monica Holy. I really don't know. Because such experiences are rarely acknowledged, much less studied, we have only speculation.

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