Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Jesus Transcript"

I've been skimming Joe McMoneagle's book The Ultimate Time Machine and and I think it's quite interesting. So far, many of his predictions seem too far into the future to be verifiable (except against other similar prognostications).

However, what I find fascinating is "The Jesus Transcript," during which he "remote viewed" the Christ figure. The only similar account that I've run across is the lengthy discussion in Seth Speaks, and I am finding some interesting correspondences between the two accounts, which I'd like to analyze later in detail. Was McMoneagle conscious of Seth's discussion when he did his session? Impossible to say, though he does quote Seth Speaks at the beginning of the book's introduction. Based on the drib-drab of Biblical knowledge that I still retrain, the information that McMoneagle presents about Jesus is both historically credible and theologically fascinating (though fundamentalists will likely be offended). (But, to quote Wallace Stevens, "Wink most when widows wince.")

His other time experiment, when he remote views a strange animal race that was the predecessor of modern Homo Sapiens, reminded me of the aquatic theory of human origins... There is a minor school of anthropology that hypothesizes that the Homo Sapiens species was originally an aquatic species, spending most of its time in water. Again, I don't know if McMoneagle was consciously aware of this hypothesis, or if he did, whether it had any bearing on his "view."

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