Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Continuing reading of 'Divine Intervention'

I am about a third of the way through Hazel Courteney's book and have not yet found any reason to disbelieve it, though it is not easy accepting a direct voice communication from the deceased Princess Diana. I'm not familiar with that process--though I do believe that some who have been diagnosed as mentally ill for suffering from auditory hallucinations might be experiencing this.

Still, even if the speaker isn't Diana, what "she" has said mostly corresponds to what I've read in the Seth material and other authorities, such as:

*Human emotions effect weather. Unacknowledged by science (mostly because there's no mechanism for it), this is most probably true. I've noticed that weather disturbances correspond to economic depressions; bitter winter storms are experienced at scenes of major battles. These are things that I've noticed, anyway, and might be the inspiration for the "pathetic fallacy" involving weather behavior in Shakespeare's plays.

*Probable futures, affected by choice, as well as events "carved in stone."

*Hints of profound choices for humanity in the near future, which has been a running theme of New Age and mediumistic literature since I've been reading it (a long time), and the observation that this collective future will be influenced by the choices of every individual (Robert Monroe); or, alternately, each individual can choose to be a part of a collective probability (Seth).

*A definite sense of order and organization in the Afterlife, as well "elevated beings" who visit and teach (Michael Newton). Absent is any reference to a rigid hierarchy indicated in orthodox religions.

*Death as being "easy" and as a transition and more of a process rather than a sharp transition.

*"Diana" does depart from mystical orthodoxy by saying that many deaths and misfortunes are purely accidental and not "carved in stone." This agrees with the "Michael" channeled material, but I've come to believe that most experiences are part of a complex web involving numberless calculations, plannings, and unconscious agreements by the participants. "Diana" is emphatic on the importance of individual choice, however, and as we know, when we choose foolishly, accidents will happen.

"Diana" mentions the existence of an overarching worldwide power structure that is above government, and this group was planning to kill her if she had married Dodi Fayed. But she cheated them of this opportunity with her purely accidental death. Diana did fear that she was being pursued near the end of her life, and I don't doubt it. But I break with David Icke on the issue of Prince Charles, who I firmly believe is not a shapeshifting Reptilian, and who in fact has made a number of notable contributions to his community (including the advice to place bricks in commodes to conserve water).

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