Monday, June 13, 2011

I actually think that I finally "get" Krishnamurti...

I had several ephiphanies while listening to Whitley Strieber interview Jeremy Vaeni for "Dreamland" on the way to work this morning.  In a way that's almost impossible to verbalize, the nature of Whitley's questioning seemed to cause several difficult concepts to click into place in a way that they hadn't before.  In the process, I also think I grasped some key principles of both "The Key" (which I read nine years ago but confess to never understanding), and the closely-associated Trickster phenomenon.  I arrived at work and in the middle of jotting down all my brilliant insights, a transformer blew out down the street, bringing down the computers and wiping out all my writing. These scattered impressions are all that remain.  And it's just as well. The concepts involved are impossible to communicate, much less teach... and superfluous to discuss.  They have to be intuitively grasped, and as often as not, once they are, they vanish just as quickly as they are grabbed.

I will return to this theme when I read "Urgency" (just as soon as I finish reading Hazel Courteney's book), but something tells me that I will be no more successful in my explications then than I am now.

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