Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thomas Dolby's 'Oceanea'

The word I primarily associate with Thomas Dolby' 'Oceanea' is one that an English professor once cautioned me to use carefully: sublime. But it's the word I am using.

The song has apparently created some critical buzz (and I will have to take the critics' word on this, since, as a rule, I ignore critics) which caused Dolby to rush the release of the EP. Much of the surprise has originated, I think, from listeners who stereotype Dolby as the "Blinded By Science" guy. But those of us who have dug into his albums aren't surprised one bit.

I think that part of the song's appeal is that it is highly allegorical; a listener like me, with a mystical bent, will think "transcendence."

I actually got reacquainted with the singular Mr. Dolby thru WKDF's "Velveeta Lounge" show. That show is gone, and so is KDF (as far as I'm concerned), but they included him as part of some oldy playlist; think Lawrence Welk for Generation X.

Intrigued, I immediately rushed out to buy all Dolby's albums. I found that there is some brilliant stuff there, including a potential jazz standard ('Keys To Her Ferrari') as well as foreshadowings of Oceanea.

(To be continued.)

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