Monday, May 30, 2011

A lifetime of dreams about climate change

Today I decided to pull together a sampling of my dreams throughout the years that seem to predict climate change (formerly known as "global warming"). I think that it's quite possible that these dreams were influenced somewhat by my reading material.... while I tried to steer away from the blatantly apocalyptic material, it insisted on seeping in. There was the famous prophesy by Edgar Cayce involving California falling into the ocean in 1998. There was also Ruth Montgomery, who popularized the concept of the "axis shift" that was due to occur at the end of the 1990s. This theme was picked up by a number of New Age writers. All of the New Age pundits seemed to agree: Our planet would experience a catastrophe at the beginning of the new millenium. I took their consensus as evidence; it never occurred to me that they were all completely wrong. Not just partially wrong, but completely wrong. The fear of a year-2000 apocalypse crossed over into the mainstream with the Y2K furor, and I spent many months installing corrective software on Windows boxes throughout the state, and on New Year's Eve, I backed up all my Novell servers and waited.

The dreams reflect my fears at the time, influenced by my reading.

Y2K (and by association, the axis shift) came and went. Eleven years later, I am still here to write about it, older and wiser. But just barely. Now, every spring brings a spate of violent storms and tornados through my state, fueled by an askew artic jet stream clashing with humid, hot air from the Gulf. The spring storms are becoming both increasingly severe, and increasingly dangerous. And we never know when or if one of them will carry us out. This is a fear that I an not accustomed to having. From the mainstream media, there is complete silence on the regional weather shifts, or bland assurances that they are all part of a "temporary pattern." I am used to petroleum industry-funded denials of global warming. What I find completely unsettling, however, is the almost universal official silence to what we individually are recognizing is an ominous, swift, and dramatic change in our weather patterns.

A short dream from 1987:
July 7, 1987. Tuesday. 4:10 a.m.
I dreamed that I was reading the Robert Monroe book, Far Journeys. Monroe was talking about the axis shift. He had been told that it would occur on a November 24, year undetermined. I was thinking that because I did not own a house, I could assemble a backpack full of essentials to use at the last moment. I was at my parents' house. I walked up the driveway. I don't think that I had a car

Note: Far Journeys is a book worth seeking out. Contrary to my dream, Monroe makes no mention of an "axis shift" but does spend quite a bit of time discussing our current era, which he describes as one of both opportunity and extreme danger.
April 25, 1990. Wednesday. 5:55 a.m.
I dreamed that I and a group of people were walking over my parents' property, which I think I had inherited.
[Note: I inherited this property in 2008.] This group seemed to be involved in an official inquiry into how I was taking care of the land, in an ecological sense. I wasn't concerned, since I am conservation-minded. We seemed to be walking over the property. When we came to the line, we discovered that for some reason all energy production had shut down. The national infrastructure had collapsed. The group was isolated and had to begin governing itself.

January 13, 1993. Wednesday
This morning I dreamed that I was on some sort of an island. I don't remember much about my circumstances but I got the impression that I was on some sort of trip. I was with other people; I don't remember who. I think I got to the island on a boat. I heard a weather report that warned of violent storms that were approaching. I knew that we had to leave; the island was in danger. I worried about my possessions that I planned to put on the boat; I was afraid the boat would sink. I worried especially about my computer, which I had brought with me.

July 8, 1994. Friday
In the next scene, I was in some sort of office room. It seemed like a central office somewhere. There were all sorts of files and machines neatly crammed into the room. I found a light switch after looking for a while and turned a light on. On a shelf, I found some weather maps with transparent overlays that I had done last fall, while I was in law school. I had colored the overlays and had apparently done them to be photocopied and used as some sort of blacking-out thing with an overhead projector. I marveled at how hard I had worked on such a trivial thing while in law school. I then went to the window and saw an extremely violent daytime rainstorm going on; it looked like a hurricane. The weather struck me as being very unusual, and I wondered if I was going to be able to drive through it in my truck. A man came in and looked out the window and I commented on the weather, but neither he nor anybody else seemed surprised at the storm.

January 31, 1999. Sunday
This morning I dreamed that I was at my computer and a violent storm came up. I knew the electricity was about to go off. I was in the middle of composing an email, and I tried to press "save" before it did. I don't think that the note got saved, however. I then unplugged the computer from the wall. I could sense that there were violent storms or tornadoes in the area, and I saw the clouds. I was becoming irritated that so many disruptive storms were coming to the area; it seems like one was hitting on a regular basis

March 18, 2001. Sunday
This morning I had a long and elaborate dream about the so-called "axis-shift." The dream came in two segments, but I remember only the last part. In it, I had apparently projected or contacted someone, a being of some sort. The being, however, seemed like a cosmic bureaucrat. She told me quite plainly that I would receive a letter in December of this year warning me of impending disaster and urging me to join others in relocating to a safe area. The warning would come between December 2 and 8, and I would have two days to act. I asked her several times to confirm this information. I asked her if it would be better for me to stay at my house than to relocate. She didn't answer. I then saw myself at what, in the dream, was my house area. It was in a sort of ravine, a hollow. On both sides of me were large hills. I was thinking that this might shelter me against any sort of storm. The house seemed sturdy. I was walking along one side, and it appeared to be the foundation, or connected to it; it was covered by brick. There were other houses in the area, nearby; I saw them vividly on surrounding hills.

February 19, 2002. Tuesday. 5:10 a.m.
I dreamed that the earth's population had been largely wiped out. I was in a small pocket of people that I thought was the last remaining group of survivors on earth. I think we were on the east coast. For some reason, I felt impelled to move the group across the country, to the west coast. We had a long and arduous journey west, to the California area. Once there, I noticed stray groups of people. I didn't want to associate with them, however. But there seemed to be some reason for us going west, that I didn't know at the time. I was telling everyone this. I knew that we had to rebuild the population from scratch.

September 15, 2002. Sunday. 4:25 a.m.
We were outside in a parking lot area. There were some menacing guys walking around along the street. [ ] was telling me that she had had many dreams of me performing tasks in an "axis shift" type of situation, and I said that "I was born for this event." Basically I indicated that I had lived through my life for this time. I moved into the lot and sat down on the ground

July 17, 2005. Sunday. 7:05 a.m.
Someone was watching what seemed to be a television show that I was fascinated with, for some reason. I can’t remember what drew me to the show, but part of it discussed tornados wreaking devastation in Oklahoma in the mid-90’s, and I saw scenes of it on the television. I told the people how I had visited that very spot in Oklahoma on the day after the tornado hit, and there was a sense of crisis because no one could travel, and gasoline was unavailable. I kept going up front to see if I could discover what channel it was one, but I couldn’t.

July 30, 2010. Friday
This morning dreamed that I was with a group of people; we were stranded somewhere. We were in a wooded area that seemed like my parents' property. I think that we were having to survive. I remember that we were traveling along a high bluff overlooking a creek. I think that it was winter, since there were few leaves on the trees. I had the sense that there were populations at a distance, but they were too far away to be of importance. Over time, I (and perhaps the others) came near a town. I found myself staying in a house. I was staying in a guest room, I think. My iPhone had not been turned on in a long time, and I was concerned about messages that were waiting for me.

So, make of it what you will. You have to be careful with interpreting dreams, because they frequently echo our unconscious fears, and theyn do not differentiate between "real" dangers, and imagined ones. A fear is a fear. Did I spend too much of my adolescence reading Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce? Of course. Did these influence my dreams? Probably. However, while I largely ignore the "mainstream" New Age writers nowadays, there are a few that I find credible. One of these is Dr. Stephan Schwartz. Not only is he a credentialed academic, he's a very good writer. Perhaps his most important project has been the long-term "2050 Project," which he began in the 1970s. To my knowledge, he has not published anything on the data that he has collected, but he has pulled together hundreds (if not thousands) of remote viewing results in which he asks the viewer one simple question: "You are now in the year 2050. What do you see?" An excellent interview with Dr. Schwartz on this project can be found here. He makes a couple of salient points. The first is that a new source of energy has been discovered, and our current electrical grid is no longer needed. Dr. Schwartz also sees the rise of a new species of human, which he calls "homo superioris," and which he interprets as definitely a bad thing. (This "new species" of human was mentioned by Seth on the 1970s and, more recently, by John Hogue.) The remote viewers indicated that the United States no longer exists as it does today. There has been significant depopulation, to the extent that underpopulation is the concern. As for climate change, Schwartz noted (in this 2005 interview) that:
The 2050 viewers describe these communities. Some of them are domed so that they can even control the weather. The weather has become a big deal. This was before global climate change [became a news item], but they described these huge weather changes and I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. Huge droughts that have rendered parts of the country uninhabitable.

I tend to put stock in Dr. Schwartz's remote viewing evidence (and I would encourage you to read the whole interview), as unorthodox as it is, because it simply makes sense--and the predictions are echoed by other serious paranormal researchers, legitimate seers, and futurists alike. And it does appear that dramatic climate change is inevitable, and those of us who are alive today will have to confront it, whether we want to or not.


  1. I never noticed this detailed dreaming recall before until now. I wonder if you'd B interested in reading my dreams? I kept records during same time periods, obviously yours stretch back further in time than mine. I have some really good ones too, I've typed up 55 pages so far.

  2. Yes, I would be interested. You can post some on your blog... They might spark response in others who've had similar experiences.

  3. OK I will do that right now then! I'll post a few of the interesting ones.