Saturday, May 14, 2011

Efforts to engage "Spirit" in recent weeks

I'm willing to try anything new, if it promises to make my life a bit easier, or if it might nudge me on a better or higher path. Through the years I've tried: Hindu chants; meditation techniques prescribed by Edgar Cayce; Church-Of-Christ-endorsed prayers; self-induced trance states; bio-rhythms (in 1977); extreme exercise; and, lately, Masonic ritual work. Has any of it worked? Yes and no.... or, more precisely, I don't know. While doubtless I would be much worse without any of this, I can't claim to have been made much better (with the exception of Masonry) because of these efforts.

So, I've been trying something new. If I understand the gist of Dr. Schwartz's premise in "The Sacred Promise" correctly, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to assume that we have spirit guides and helpers.  Perhaps the best way to attract Spirit is to live our lives as if Spirit is a real force and presence.

After all, we can't (under normal circumstances) see spirit-based entities; we do not at present have any reliable way of communicating with Spirit.  So if spiritual presences are real, the only way we can establish a line of communication with them is by first acknowledging their reality, and then inviting them to intervene at times of need.

Bit-by-bit, by building a bridge of communication, one plank at a time, we can engage Spirit in a tangible way. And, I think, we can achieve real benefits.

The past couple of weeks have been problematic for me; I'm wrestling with a couple of major life issues, with very complex challenges and choices. One is job-related; the other is interpersonal, involving someone that I've known and have been drawn to for almost twenty years. My only concern in both cases is that I make the best, and correct, decisions. And I think that I've experienced some tangible help in both cases.

More later...

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  1. Hiya Ishmael, I think it's possible you are deferring a couple of decisions on the off-chance that a higher power, or 'spirit' might instruct you which decision to make. If we are to believe 'this life' has a greater resonance in those that come before and after it, there will be no guarantees about decision-making and little help offered.

    Left to our own devices, we can only hope we take the path with the fewest negative possibilities. In either case, the lessons are often in the hands of hindsight!