Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sinister forces

Whitley Strieber's latest journal entry ('Sinister Forces In My Life') caused me to ponder a question that has obsessed me all my life: Are there malignant forces in the world that afflict people who get too close to the UFO phenomenon? Or who delve too deeply into conspiracies? Or who dabble too much into the paranormal?

It certainly seems like it. Read any classic UFO witness account from the 1970s and earlier, and you will find a universal thread throughout the stories: those not pestered by MIB often find their lives ruined by association with the UFO phenomenon, often in ingenious ways that defy the usual random run of bad luck. 

The malevolent, morally ambivalent UFO has haunted my nightmares from when I first began recording my dreams--in the mid-70s, long before "Intruders" or "Communion." It is a force, or presence, that is as ancient as our collective history, and, like the phenomenon it guards, wears many masks.

But that does not mean that the force is conscious, deliberate, or even 'alive' by our usual standards. It is intelligent, but non-discriminatory. Most accounts of Men In Black depict robot-like beings that act almost sociopathically--they mimic human behavior, not express it, and often seem totally unaware.

My hunch is that the malevolent that surrounds the UFO phenomenon is triggered automatically when we stray too close to the fence; it might have been put in place, by whoever designed our time-space, as an automatic safeguard against extreme nonconformity.

Our reality is governed, and held in place, by very specific root assumptions. Any questioning of the ground rules that form our reality, by inexperienced questioners, will likely trigger mechanisms put in place from the beginning to 'enforce' compliance--by a force that definitely appears sinister, but may simply be doing its job.

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