Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Speaking of predictions...

It's crossed mind that, come December or so (unless I've been raptured), I ought to post some of my own predictions. After all, it's not really fair of me to make light of those who do attempt to predict the future without subjecting myself to the same exposure. And I have tried to assert the credibility of the process by posting some of my own precognitive thoughts.

But is our world future knowable? If we have true forewarning of future events, might we be then able to alter that future in ways that will make the outcome even worse?  I actually do believe that the world operates according to some sort of plan, and if this is the case, precognition of mass events--sufficient to change those events--would have to be factored into that plan. Think of it as the "grandson's paradox."

The bulk of my precognition comes through dreams. Dreams are notoriously hard to analyze. They speak in a symbolic, almost mythic language that resides outside our conscious time-space framework. But it's worth a try.

So, what I may do is, when my life settles down somewhat and I can be guaranteed a few decent nights' worth of sleep, I will try to post some predictions. And then, the Psychic Twins and whoever else wants to can hold me up as a reprobate to the New Age community.

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