Monday, July 2, 2012

Test post from the iCab mobile browser

While reading an article lauding Google's Chrome browser for iOS (a browser I've never liked), a number of commenters said, "Forget Chrome--iCab Mobile is the best browser for iOS." So I've downloaded it and am giving it my personal acid3 test: Will it post to Blogger via Blogger's clunky interface? Because every other mobile browser locks up at some point during the posting process. My first impressions are favorable. Firefox synch? No one else offers that--not even Firefox, which doesn't even have an iOS browser. (Yeah, they have something called "Firefox Home," which is not worth mentioning.) All my bookmarks are on Firefox Synch. My preferred browser is Firefox. Dropbox linking? Essential. This is a well-thought-out browser... Probably the best-kept secret in iOS. Now, let's see if it will publish...

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