Monday, June 18, 2012

Update on my strange OOBE

About a week ago, my wife experienced a night terror episode during which she woke herself up, screaming that she was dying. Today, she told me what caused it: she had distinctly felt a hand grabbing her leg, felt the vibratory beginnings of an OOBE, and, interpreting the experience as a visit from the "angel of death," woke herself up.

I had never told her about my almost-identical experience... I didn't think it was all that significant, and I knew that, as a devout evangelical Christian, she would interpret it according to her belief system--which teaches a strict dichotomy of good and evil.

But I now ask myself: What did we experience?

First off, it's my opinion that this was no angel of death. In all of my readings about NDEs, OOBEs, and death-bed visions, I don't remember a single reference to an angel of death. Without going into a lot of boring detail, the notion of an "angel of death" violates a number of principles that govern the nonphysical world as I understand it.

I suspect that what we experienced was a localized, nonphysical being of some sort that is / was heavily rooted in physical symbolism--what earlier cultures called an "earthbound spirit."

I have had one or two experiences with "higher" nonphysical presences, and they never resort to physicality. They would never do anything as overtly physical as grab me by my leg. What I felt was distinctly physical, strangely so--particularly since it definitely felt like a physical grab, even though I saw nothing.

Beyond that, it is impossible to know who or what this particular goblin might have been. And I think that this is where "belief creates reality" is operative. I saw the experience as a peculiar, interesting, but not particularly edifying encounter with a clumsy spirit; someone else saw it as an angel of death.

On a side note, the last Richard Dolan show that I listened to briefly discussed the persistent rumor that there are ET bases on the "dark side" of the moon. This is one nuts-and-bolts UFO notion that I think has merit--because I've seen it referenced in a wide range of literature, not just in UFOlogy. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the chances are greater than 50/50 that such outposts exist. Such an outpost, assuming that it exists, would be a physical artifact from a physical ET presence, and it's possible that world governments suspect this. Hence, the rapid buildup by the Chinese in space technology--part of a plan to visit the moon within a decade. I don't normally buy into the conspiracies of the disclosure crowd, but this one may be worth a second glance.

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