Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dawn Of A New Age?

On of the neat things about Richard Dolan's podcast is that I learn about interesting sources of information that I otherwise would not have privy to--since I don't follow UFOlogy and, really, don't want to. But a caller at the end of one of Dolan's shows mentioned that Philip Corso's "memoirs" have been posted online for anyone to read: "Dawn Of A New Age."

I neither believe nor disbelieve Corso--I just think he's interesting. To me, he falls into the same "gray box" that, say, Bob Lazar falls in--probably not credible, but still interesting, for complex reasons. (White-and-black UFOlogists like Stanton Friedman discredit both Lazar and Corso, but Friedman also embraces the most-probably bogus MJ-12 documents.) I prefer to see UFOlogy as an arena where truth, even relative truth, will never be obtained... But some actors in the UFO drama just strike me as interesting, and Corso is one of them.

Now, is it likely, or even probable, that Corso kept alien artifacts in a file drawer and farmed them out to private industry for development? Possible, but not probable, and the best argument against this was given by Jacques Vallée, who said that if "alien" artifact were indeed recovered at Roswell, they would have been sequestered in the most secure environment, and the nation's top scientists would have been brought in to examine them. And some sources have basically argued that Corso is nothing more than a con man who had more than a few legal difficulties. Probably true. Still, I have to wonder what would motivate a moderately high Army officer, one who has no apparent psychopathology, to begin babbling about crashed saucers and alien agendas at the end of his life. And since "Dawn Of A New Age" is free to download, it's worth a perusal.

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