Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Jeff's "shrouded man"

To me, this has been the single most fascinating segment of any of the Paratopias because not only is it real (with the caveat not to accept as real any paranormal experience as one's own), but it is truly supra-physical. In other words, I can't think of any thing it can possibly be except a manifestation of something non-physical. If you think about it, large swaths of the paranormal might be explained away as physical or material. Even Whitley Strieber's "master of the Key" might be a physical person. But the shrouded man--definitely non-material.

I haven't had any experiences like this (that I remember) because it would probably scare me shitless. I blame it all on a traumatic childhood experience. My uncle died gruesomely in a tragic auto accident when I was three years old. I had been his favorite nephew. My parents never told me about his death because they did not think I would understand. But right after he died, he appeared to me several times in my bedroom at night, an experience that I still vaguely remember. Before she died, my mother re-told the story of my night terror, of me screaming that there was a man in my room, staring at me. This formative experience explains both my fascination with, and terror of, the non-physical and has caused me to sleep under the covers for years afterward (and, occasionally, now). My mother reinforced this fear by telling me that after she died, she would come back and haunt us. She hasn't, so far. I'm sure that if I encountered a truly non-physical person now, I might regress to age three again, something that I'm sure no one would want to see. So, hats off to Jeff for not only having this experience without fear, but sharing it.

The closest I have come to this recently was something of my own doing. Lately, I've been fascinated with the idea of spirit guides. Presumably, we all have them. If indeed we do, I've wondered if it's possible to prove this... If you think about it, having a personal spiritual guide or two would be incredibly useful. So, lately I've mentally been asking for some evidence, or some contact, from any spiritual guide that I might have. Nothing has happened so far, except, almost, once. I should mention that not only am I terrified of the non-physical, I'm even more scared of the physical--doctors and hospitals, specifically. So, a year ago, as I was laying on a hospital gurney, staring at the florescent lamps in the ceiling, about to be anesthetized before a procedure, I was scared enough to ask, mentally and forcefully, for any spirit guide that I had to show him or herself. Nothing happened; I saw nothing, saw no one, despite being fully awake the whole time (the physician said that I had been "fighting" the anesthesia).

I was discharged without incident, went home, went to bed, and went into a light sleep.... only to bolt awake minutes later, sit up, and declare, over and over, "There is someone in this room!" I had been awakened by the palpable sense of a presence in the room and alarmed enough to challenge it, but I was too scared to look at it. When I woke completely up, I ducked back under the covers and slept that way for the rest of the night. Only later did I make the connection between my request on the gurney and this apparent visitation. I think that my spirit guide and I both learned something useful that night--I learned that guides probably do exist, and that they do listen to us; and the guide learned that there's no point of making the effort to visit someone who still hides his head under the covers at night.


  1. when knowledge separates us from other realities, we build mounds of studies between virgin instinct of childhood and confusion of encrusted wisdom...
    every culture holds a sacred belief in some form of spiritual guidance, proof enough of the unseen.

    mine is my grand mother, i also personally trust that living empathy can manifest itself in appearances beyond the physical.

  2. I am happy to see you again at my little corner of the Net. This is what I do when I really ought to be studying the Ritual or organizing my iTunes library (depending on my serotonin levels for that day)...

  3. i notice that the 1 and 2's align comparatively on our comments again.. now study or play.. music awaits.