Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inadvertent poetry: Google translation of Japanese review

From the Google translation of the Japanese customer review of Tom Waits' "Foreign Affairs" (Japanese SHM-CD, 2010). I wanted to see if this was truly a "remaster," or simply a straight copy of the original 1990 CD (I can't tell a difference):

Asylum of the time period of this paper sleeve, the remastered sound is a new album in 2010, apparently the sound pressure rise compared with the old board, itself is a clear sound quality. The somewhat subdued impression than the previous work, the increase of dummy increasingly vocal, or Satchmo moment?! Growing force of about hear wrong (laughs). Personal jewel song ... so much anymore, "he said" It's great Potters Field. The best gem of a quiet night alone with the moist side dish ...

The reviewer seems to think that this is indeed a contemporary remaster.

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