Saturday, October 9, 2010

Powerful enemies, powerful friends

Remote viewer Joe McMoneagle was once asked if there was a singular cause for the development of remote viewing abilities in children. He paused, then said that in almost all cases, there had been a history of childhood abuse or neglect.  For me, this statement became one of my personal touchstones in approaching the paranormal; it became a core truth.

Does abuse or neglect in childhood mark the individual as a lifelong target and victim?  I think so.  I live in constant awareness that someone, somewhere--without warning--will attack me, unprovoked. I was marked as a victim at an early age, and no matter where I go, or what role I am playing, predators will read my victim sign--visible only to them--and move in for the kill.

I have never succeeded in ridding myself of that early mark. Fortunately for me, however, I find that I have inner resources that rise to my defense. I see in advance that a attack is coming. I discern the thoughts and plans of my attackers. Hunches will guide me to take one path instead of another.  And through my experiences I have learned to trust that inner guidance, knowing that while we may have powerful enemies, we also have powerful friends.

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