Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cool new HDR iPhone app

IMG_0611, originally uploaded by an0nym0n0us.

The app is called HDR Pro and is available in the Apple app store for about a dollar. I discovered it while reading a tech analysis of iPhone's iOS 4 HDR function (which is okay but no great shakes).

I am admittedly not a good photographer, so I have to resort to trickery to get my photos looked at on Flickr, where I've forked over $36 annually for a pro membership for five years. (I quit posting shots of women in bikinis a while back, to the chagrin of most of my Flickr followers.)

I like to experiment with different photo methods in an attempt (so far, a vain one) in translating into pixels what I actually see in my head. And HDR impresses me.

We all know about "orb" photos and various other attempts to capture the unseen with photography. We all know that the bulk of paranormal photography can be explained conventionally. But I believe that the invisible can be photographed, with the right equipment and, perhaps, with novel methods such as HDR--which is essentially a composite of two or more shots of the same scene framed at different exposures.

I have taken maybe two--perhaps three--genuinely paranormal photos in my life. But I hope that with HDR I might capture a few more. Why? Because HDR manipulates both light and time to create the composite. And the paranormal "likes" to play with both.

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