Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meditation on a fragment of the Seth material...

One recurring theme in the Seth material examines the development of the modern human ego, and its deliberate separation from 'nature.' This concept is difficult to wrap the Western mind around, since we have difficulty imagining any state of consciousness other than the 'default' one. Yet, Seth argues, the modern ego is an artificial and (relatively) recent development--an experiment that has been largely successful. Through the objectified conscious ego, mankind (and womankind) has created the material world that we know--the iPods, the mass transit (except in Tennessee), the literature, the music, the edifices, the politics, the religions--the trappings of modern life.

So immersed we have become in our objectified reality that we assume that it is all that is. When intrusions from other realities--other states of consciousness--pass across our awareness, we mark these intrusions as alien, or demonic, or supernatural.

If we study these intrusions, however, we can be reminded of the greater reality that encloses our contemporary one. So.... where others see a UFO, or a haunting, or (even) angels, I see something else. I see these as an invitation to fashion an awareness of a different reality.

It is here that Whitley Strieber's writings dovetail with the Seth material. Seth states that it was part of the "grand design" that humanity, after creation of the objectified ego and elaborate material world, would ultimately return to the unity with nature. We would reach a point in our physical world where we could travel no further in our current path. The road would end. We must evolve--or die as a species.  I think that most objective commentators would agree that we are starting to hit quite a few "road endings" in our physical world. We have exceeded capacity and can go no further.

It is at this juncture that signposts would appear for a return to 'nature' (or as Seth would define it, the greater reality that supports the specialized Western ego consciousness).  This is what I, personally, see these anomalous occurrences as representing.

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