Sunday, September 19, 2010

My grandfather describes the after-life in a dream from 1987

....My grandfather was there, a fact that astounded me, since he is dead. The scene was vivid and life-like. No one seemed to see my grandfather except me. I got the impression that he was appearing to me because of my interest in the life-after- death state. We had a long conversation. His main point was that he was staying at a place that was very much like the physical earth. He stated that often the newly deceased will rearrange small, personal items of symbolic value in the homes of relatives to gain their attention and to prove that they are in a state similar to those who are alive. He stated that the dead coexist with the living on the physical earth, that they are aware of the living, but that the living cannot see them. I remarked that his plane must be a very big place, for there are more dead than living, but then I realized that I had read the reason for this elsewhere. Another major point was that the dead and living share the same physical landmarks and features, but they are used by each in different ways. Amazed, I asked whether in his world there was a Canada north of the US, and he smiled as though I had missed his point.

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  1. I just had a dream two nights ago about ghosts telling me about the after life and I am just on-line goggling it... The ghosts said that we just continue on "living" and I remember "being in their world" in my dream. There were lots of ghosts travelling around to different parts of the world to site see and take in all the scenery from different areas of the world. I had a more lengthly conversation with some of the ghosts but I can't remember the dialogue.