Monday, September 6, 2010

In defense of Monica Holy

I'm currently back-listening to the Coast To Coast episode with Ian Punnett and Monica Holy. I always enjoy listening to Ms. Holy. I purchased and read her book and probably ought to re-read it; I didn't absorb much from it on first read, which means that I should give it a second look.

However, whilst Googling "Monica Holy" I stumbled upon a blog critiquing the "unholy Ian Punnett" and (by implication) even less holy Ms. Holy. The writer seems quite affronted by the New Agey-ness of Ms. Holy, and the apparent enabling Ian Punnett (who, in my opinion, is the most thoughtful of the C2C hosts by leagues, even when I don't agree with him).

I guess I'm finally too old to become angry over the opinions of others. A writer that I particularly admire, Christopher Hitchens, is bothering to defend atheism by debating a non-athiest in Birmingham tomorrow. I say that he is "bothering" to debate the issue because, sooner rather than later, he will likely find out whether he is wrong or right on the God issue--as so we all shall. I mean, this is just an incontrovertible, inarguable fact. He will find out. And so what his opinion is on the matter is not really important. I think he should be allowed to have his opinion, if it inspires him to continue to write as well as he has. I disagree with him, but I enjoy his writing.

It is for that reason that I've removed several of the "debunking" entries to this blog... those were the entries that were getting all the hits, and debunking is not what I'm about. Most people with a high-school equivalent education can sort out the frauds for themselves anyway, soon or later.

Ms. Holy would probably characterize herself as "New Age," and she references several New Age personalities, which does not add credit to her work. Sylvia Browne has been debunked into the ground; Alison Dubois likewise, though not as publicly; just check out the Phoenix New Times article referenced in her Wikipedia article (which should be required reading for anyone venturing into this field). I remember reading Wayne Dyer's "self-help" books in the '70s, and it seems to me that he is just hitching his wagon to the New Age field in the 00s because this is what sells books now. However, just as I am not bothered by the opinions of others, I try to differentiate between credible actors in the New Age field and those who are mercenary shills. And I find Monica Holy credible. The "fringe-dweller" activities that she describes in her nocturnal experiences has been well-documented in the esoteric literature. I've experienced it myself as well. And for me, the acid test always is personal experience. So... my recommendation is to keep an open mind on the issue. And I will write more later on some of the experiences that can be had in the "fringe."

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