Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally replaced the smoke alarm battery

The smoke alarm went off about a month ago; we had to remove the battery to stop it. There was no fire or even smoke. Simultaneously, in another house, another smoke alarm went off at the same time. We think it was tripped by the restless spirit of a woman who died violently in a car crash a couple of weeks earlier. After her death, bedsheets were moved without cause, and children saw her image at a local playground. I have read (somewhere) that an entity has three days after death to "go to the light," and if this does not happen, the entity is trapped in the near-earth astral plane for an indefinite time. I would like to hope that this is not absolutely true. However, the gruesomeness of her death, the vivid signals that she left afterward, and, finally, the smoke alarm, convinced me that she was not only a powerful spirit but also very unsettled, and I have been afraid to tamper with whole experience until now.

After all, what is to stop her from tripping the smoke alarm again?

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