Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dream of the after-death state from 2001

This morning I dreamed that I was visiting the after-death world. This was a long and elaborate dream; in the main part, I was hanging around some people, asking questions. There were several people that I was asking. The gist of the information is that in this particular level that I was in, the world was pretty much identical to the physical world. I asked about marriage, and they said that you remain married to the person that you were married to in life. I realized that this is the origin of reports that I had gotten about extended families being close-by after death. A woman said something about not doing something or she would get hurt, and I asked what happened if the body in this after-world got injured or severely damaged; she said that it would have to be "burned" but it would be replaced. I got the impression that there were physical distances of a sort to be traversed; there were locations, etc., which would explain the difficulty in the dead to travel to, and communicate with, the living. However, I got the impression that I could visit this area without difficulty.

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