Monday, March 18, 2013

Still enjoying my self-imposed exile from paranormal radio

and missing it none. I think that I listened more or less out of habit. It's amazing how improved my outlook on life has changed... akin to the subtle improvement that I noticed when I stopped watching television a decade or so ago.

But I have a significant quote from the first book of Seth's "The Early Sessions": "I have spoken of your plane rather than of your planet because earth is one of the planets that contain[s] many planes."

This is why I continue to be fascinated with the Seth material when everyone else abandons it in exasperation--one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it money quotes that packs volumes into a single sentence.

What Seth is suggesting is that there are different types of planets in our immediate vicinity.  Some contain only "one plane," whereas others are multi-dimensional.

Earth is one of those physical planets that just so happen to have the more complex gestalt of "many planes."

What are the single-plane planets? Mars? What are the *other* multi-dimensional planets (since Earth is only "one of" them)? What does it mean to live on a planet of "many planes"? Do those inhabitants experience bleed-throughs from the other planes? 

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  1. wait till you get to some of the deleted sessions books and read about the sinful self. That stuff will really blow you away. Marlon