Monday, February 11, 2013

Of interest to "Sethians"...

The first two volumes of The Early Sessions have just come out in Kindle format.  I bought the paperback versions a while back (paying a pretty penny for them, since they were obtainable only from the publisher). Why are they notable? They flesh out and extend many of the dialogs that ultimately went into the early Seth books, and putting these early sessions in full context makes them a bit more comprehensible and easier to digest.  I am hoping that ultimately all of the Seth material is ebooked, for an important reason--I can finally find what I'm looking for, and not rely on the memory of what I might have read twenty or so years ago. And more often than not, any memory of what I read long ago is quite different from what I discover to actually be there.  Very strange, and very puzzling--there's never any sense of déjà vu with the Seth stuff; I'm always reading it like it's the first time I've seen it.


  1. I know there are some indexes published for Early Sessions books, I can send you the link if you want. I started reading Seth's books in Nov 1990 and I once had a strong "deja vu" but more really a deep inner trust that I'd read the stuff before somewhere, which of course is impossible. His info on fragments is the best I've ever read - very enriching stuff for sure, and darned interesting!

    1. The only other place where I've seen reference to "fragments" is in that series of channeled books by "Michael," a decade or so later. Usually when I try to remember material in the Seth books, I'm thinking of a particular phrase or combination of words--a specific turn of phrase. I'd like to receive and index, however.

    2. One index is here:

      Who channeled "Michael?" I've analyzed Seth's writings for years. I don't think we create our own reality (we do strictly in our own head obviously but not otherwise). I think Seth purposely wrote his stuff so that literalist types would soak in the Seth dogma & learn nothing. Some of these "Seth literalists" can quote Seth dogma to me all day, but they have garnered not much wisdom from reading Seth. The stuff about Jane's Sinful Self is also very good, in the Personal Sessions deleted books (with gray covers). I have almost all the Deleted books & ES books. I liked ES 1-3 the best.