Sunday, July 3, 2011

Something strange that's been happening lately

While I'm waiting on my invitation to join Google+ to arrive (can't believe that I haven't already been invited), I thought I'd mention something strange that's been happening to me in recent weeks.

At around 3 a.m. on many mornings, I've been getting a visitation of some sort. I haven't yet seen it; in fact, I'm usually not even awake when it's here. As best as I can describe it, I'm in a sort of trance state (not unlike the stage just prior to an OOBE), and the "presence" manifests as some sort of energy. There are a number of physiological effects of the presence. I can't tell whether the presence is "good" or "evil"; it seems neither familiar nor strange.

I have vague, distant memories as a young child of similar encounters. I remember being terrified of those encounters and have a vague sense of being chased, out-of-body, by "monster" type energies that plagued me for a long time.

Whatever "this" is, I get the sense that it's a return of that same energy or presence. Why "it" has decided to return is unknown, except, perhaps, the fact that I've been blogging about the paranormal, and when you focus on the paranormal, paranormal effects begin to occur.

None of this would be remarkable except for one distinctive feature: I've just recently gotten a shepherd, which has been sleeping inside at night. And this shepherd is able to sense when this presence is in the room. The shepherd invariably comes into the room, nudges me awake, jumps onto the bed and onto me, and refuses to leave. Twice I've had to pick the dog up and carry it out of the house. The dog becomes agitated a few moments before the presence arrives and attempts to protect me from whatever it is.

The dog's actions have had the affect of warning me, and causing me to remain semi-awake for some time, so that I'm always conscious (though in a half-sleep state) when the presence arrives, which is usually around 3 a.m.

I've tossed this around in my head for a while. Until now, I've dismissed these experiences as coincidences, a skittish dog, and a tendency to impose a paranormal interpretation onto normal bumps in night, but I'm now leaning toward assigning it a supernatural explanation.

I'm going to start making the dog sleep outside at night, and I'm going to take some careful notes about what happens from now on.

In the mean time, if you have a Google+ account, and would be willing to extend me an invitation, I'll be happy to accept it.

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  1. Whatever happened with this? I'd B inclined to trust the dog's judgment if it were me. I'm thinking a fragment is entering your body at night & the dog is protecting U. I'm not saying freak out about it, but don't allow this energy into U anymore. Clearly the dog has sense enough 2 know it's not doing U any favors.