Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overall opinion of Joe McMoneagle's "The Ultimate Time Machine"--positive

I have basically finished reading the complete book, doing my usual skip-around method, and I found the book to be much better than McMoneagle's critics led me to expect.

As expected, many of his predictions appear at first glance to be incorrect, but since most of them are still in the future (and will continue to be after we are gone), it's impossible to say if he is, overall, wrong or right.

Many others, on the other hand, are very correct. And since McMoneagle goes on record with very specific predictions, this is even more impressive.

On the whole, the book more closely resembles a staid report from an academic futurists conference rather than a psychic manifesto; many of the events that McMoneagle foresees are, in fact, foreseeable, if you carry our current trends to their logical conclusion. So his predictions are actually on the conservative side. He sees automobiles improving on their current design; highways getting better; aircraft flying faster; banks becoming bankier, and governments continuing to do their usual. In other words, life goes on, albeit with incremental improvements and problems caused by our current bad habits.

What professional psychics try to do when they "see" the future is actually much different from what McMoneagle has done--they are usually looking for disruptive events or technologies, and building from there. McMoneagle seems, however, to be forecasting trends. There are a few disruptive events that McMoneagle does see, but mostly he stays middle-of-the-road.

I would like to go back (when I have time) and analyze his remote viewing of the Christ personality, and compare it with what Seth said, because he does corroborate one of the predictions mentioned in "Seth Speaks": that the Christ personality will return to initiate a new "religious drama" and found a new world religion, while simultaneously referring to the original First Century event and, somehow, changing that event:

The emergence of this third personality will directly affect the original historical drama of Christ as it is now known. There is and must be interactions between them.

(The whole discussion of the return of the Christ personality in "Seth Speaks" is far too complex for me to summarize, but I encourage anyone interested in the subject to check it out.)

McMoneagle makes a cryptic remark at the end of his Christ remote view that makes sense only when put beside the Seth statement:

I just keyed into something else now that's really interesting. The coming together of two realities, isn't too far off in the far-flung future. It's not too far off and that is apparently one of the reasons why this cogent Being has been going and coming over the years. There are two time tracks intersecting soon.

I've spent the better part of two decades puzzling over what Seth meant. I don't really think that it's comprehensible at our level; human personalities do well to follow one existing timeline (if they're lucky). We can, theoretically, conceive of probabilities and "time shifts" and multiple timelines, but I don't think that we can truly comprehend them on a functional level. However, according to Seth, we are due for a major junction in this century, and this will involve the return of the Christ figure. And McMoneagle seems, tentatively, to corroborate this. If this information is valid, I would regard this as a disruptive event.

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