Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally located a key Seth quote...

"You are now poised, in your turms, upon a threshold from which your race can go many ways. There are species of consciousness. Your species is in a time of change. There are potentials within the body's mechanisms, in your terms, not as yet used. Developed, they can immeasurably enrich the race, and bring it to levels of spiritual and psychic and physical fulfillment. If some changes are not made, the race as such will not endure."

As I've previously mentioned, I've read about ninety percent of the Seth material, much of it, more than once, and practically all of it (that which I can understand) useful. However, some bits and pieces have haunted me for longer periods, and the above quotation is one of them (from The "Unknown" Reality, Vol. 1). "Seth" is not the most linear speaker; the material is extremely right-brained. So it's hard to draw direct correspondences between the material, with our everyday world. But he makes a number of pointed allusions to our current era in The "Unknown" Reality, and I've tucked those quotes in my mind, waiting, as it were, for them to either manifest, or not. And this is the paragraph that I immediately thought of when the "Arab Spring" emerged, quite to the surprise of everyone:

When, at this point now, of mankind's development, his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them. Cult after cult will emerge, each unrestrained by the use of reason, because reason will have denied the existence of rampant unconscious knowledge, disorganized and feeling its own ancient force.

Also alluded to is the increase of religious extremism in both the Arab world and the west and (though barely reported in the West) in India. We have, within the span of a couple of decades, moved from waging wars of political ideology, to what are essentially religious wars; and while the invasion of Iraq in '03 was probably motivated by a number of underutilized oil fields there, I think that George Bush truly believed that he was engaged in some sort of crusade, as misguided and dangerous as his discussions with "God" on the matter turned out to be. And presently, we are seeing the emergence of political forces there that seek to annihilate the current status quo; and while the West is applauding, I predict that when the end result finally arrives, these forces will not be particularly nice to the West.

Ego consciousness must now be familiarized with its roots, or it will turn into something else. You are in a position where your private experience of yourself does not correlate with what you are told by your societies, churches, sciences, archaeologies, or other disciplines. Man's "unconscious" knowledge is becoming more and more consciously apparent. This will be done under and with the direction of an enlightened and expanding egotistical awareness, that you can organize hereto neglected knowledge--or it will be done at the expense of the reasoning intellect, leading to a rebirth of superstition, chaos, and the unnecessary war between reason and intuitive knowledge.

When it comes to the paranormal, I tend to place more weight with the skeptics, since the skeptics have tended to be more "correct" about the phenomena in the long run. Indeed, with any paranormal experience, I think that we should trust only our own personal experience, and even then, just barely--because we do not yet have the experiential vocabulary to describe and objectify it. However, these phenomena may just be effects, not causes; indications of something else, signals, warning us that a general change of consciousness is needed. Seth's model predicts an era in which the conscious resistance to previously unconsciousness awareness will result in both distortions of our perceptions of unconscious reality, concurrent with clashes between religious extremism and institutional rigidity. This may explain why paranormal events seem to represent something other than what they purport to.

So while the world currently looks like a big mess, Seth would argue that it all stems from a single source--the failure of our species, as a while, to "evolve" and incorporate previously "unconscious" awareness. When we resist this process, distortions result, and instead of seeing this new knowledge for what it truly is, we see alien abductors, angels, demons, various Ramthas and other assorted "elevated" spiritual saviors.

So what, then, is this new unconscious awareness that we should be incorporating? I don't pretend to know. I'm not in communication with anyone or anything, and I tend to be skeptical of those who claim they are. (Not necessarily because I think that they aren't, but because I don't trust the sources that claim to speak through them.) But I have a few ideas that I've been tossing around lately.

One, it's apparent that humanity is connected intuitively and psychically in a way that we cannot yet scientifically explain. Because of this, we experience premonitions; we pick up indications of what someone else might be thinking. Two, it's apparent that time and space are merely formalities that our consciousness uses to organize data. Because of this, the remote viewer can describe physical objects and events outside of time and with only a longitude and latitude number to identify place. Three, when people pray to a higher being, sometimes Jesus shows up; other times it's Allah; angels appear, and, often, entities resembling ancient spirits pop in. In a single universe ruled, theoretically, by one anthropomorphic supreme being, this should not happen. But it does. These anomalous experiences all seem to point to new models of awareness that it would be beneficial for us to follow.


  1. There R a whole bunch of things I can infer from reading some of the Early Sessions books, about projecting into the astral & that it definitely carries inherent dangers. Apparently astral beings could cause harm if they wanted to, quite interesting. I always pictured the nonphysical as heaven-like/serenity forever. Obviously not the case. I'll have to do a blog post on that.

  2. I have the Early Sessions books that I need to go back and re-read when I get through with my other studies.

    I've just about decided that the near astral world is like the physical world--it is a world of illusion. What we perceive is symbolic, to some extent, of inner archetypes. Sorting out illusion from "reality" in such an environment would require experience.