Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Posting by iPhone?

How will this work? We shall see; I'm surprised that Google doesn't have a Blogger app yet; there is, to say the least, no app for that. But then, "the Google" and Apple aren't on the best of terms nowadays. And Google has never really cared about Blogger anyway.

I am halfway through the Paratopia interview with Chris Leask and I thought I'd post a few thoughts. I'm not sure what the Paratopians will think of Mr. Leask (I'm averse to attention and I don't go to forums very much). They may not dig his free energy concept. Can't blame them. Leask's blueprint for a free energy device (two counter-rotating metalic spheres) is prominent in UFOlogy as being the supposed mechanism of UFO propulsion. Many experiencers through the years (moi included) have imagined such a device being used. I even drew this up in a diagram that I wanted to mail to NICAP, but didn't, for want of a stamp (my father wouldn't give me one and, at age 11, had none of my own). This object sounds similar to the bell thingie that the Nazis supposedly had. While Leask was describing his device, I was trying to imagine how it might work. I really don't think it can--or could. From a sociological standpoint, however, I think it's significant that "free energy" appears as a major archetype among the experiencer community, so it has to mean something. But we have to remember that these are the same ETs who assure us that vinegar cures cancer.

The OOBE portion, however, is something that I can write about, when I hear the rest if the interview. I've had a lot of experience with this and, beyond the late Robert Monroe's writing, there's not much out there that's substantial. In other words, this pool is not totally contaminated. One thing I think I noticed Leask doing was, in introducing his "machine," he begins to describe it as a waking encounter, then qualifies it as being a "dream," and then further qualifies it as an "awake" (or lucid) dream; which may, or may not, be an OOBE. All experiences in that twilight state of initial OOBE can be subject to contamination; when you are in this state, you can't automatically distinguish between objective and subjective imagery.

Anyway, another cool Paratopia and a lot of fuel for thought.

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