Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Further thoughts on the Leask interview

Well, I got halfway through the Paratopia episode at exactly 12:12 today, and spent the remainder of the day focussed on a major tech event that happened at 1:00, so I'm still not finished. But I wanted to mention something that has been gnawing at me a bit: the concept of "free energy.". Although I think that most of the proponents of "free energy" are maybe on the wrong path, and the whole movement has been polluted with hucksters--still, I think that this is one of the few areas of UFOlogy that, surprisingly, we will see some remarkable breakthroughs in.... an argument that I hope to flesh out tomorrow. I do actually think that there's a "there" there.

There's a Brad Steiger book that came out in '71, I think... I have the original pulp paperback, describing incubi and succubi (did I spell that right?), which describes astral reptillian entities... A very good read. Also know someone who has encountered these beings. This is a whole genre of experience which I think is valid and which might masquerade as an abduction experience. These encounters are probably common but are usually kept private. But the caveat that I would give on OOBE experiences is: we really don't know where these experiences come from... Are they subjective projections? Archetypes? Thought creations? Actual conscious entities? It's difficult to say, since our culture has so little acquaintance with the non-physical. But I'm inclined to think that it's not ET.

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