Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Do you believe in the supernatural? Then you're delusional...

Thus was this week's teaser from New Scientist, which intrigued me.  Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall. But I've found a PDF of this week's issue, so I will see if I can find out if I am, in fact, delusional (assuming I hold any of the offending beliefs).

However--the author made a statement that echoes something I've said a few times: "Surprisingly large numbers of people also hold beliefs that a psychiatrist would class as delusional."  So--is the rightness of a belief determined by the majority?  Or by the scientist?  That's a red flag to me. Yet, I can't disagree with it.  Scientists are often right. (They are also often wrong.). In the end, I tend to agree with scientists who designate some beliefs as delusional. But only because they are held by people who are diagnosed as mentally ill. The belief, itself, may not be inherently delusional, but the believer may be, for a number of reasons. I make these sorts of distinctions... Does science?

I intend to find out.

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