Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Beyond Sight: The True Story Of A Near-Death Experience"

By Marion Rome

This small book is possible the best-written, detailed and objective NDE account that I've found. It's available only on the Kindle as a download and seems to be self-published. I'll admit to not expecting much when I started it... But Ms. Rome does a masterful job at describing the "classic" NDE. I plan to read it a couple more times.

(Full disclosure: I have another flu / cold, so I'm not my usual faux-erudite self.)

Any student of the classic NDE scenario comes to expect certain touchstones in the various accounts (which I've sort of glossed over in previous entries, figuring that I would come back to the topic eventually).

It's hard to pick out the best part of the book to cite, because, really, it's all good... But if I had to settle on one snippet to excerpt, this would be a good one:

I am convinced that this heavenly place is here. Our world and that other world where we go after we die are the exact same one. Only the dimensions are different. There is a physical dimension and then there is a spiritual one, of which we can only access very small parts during our bodily lives, due to that very physicality. Our body is nothing but an envelope that hosts our soul for our time in the earthly sphere and, most importantly, it is something that prevents us from seeing and experiencing the real world. We cannot see everything with our eyes, in the same way that we cannot access the deepest levels of our feelings and emotions. Our soul, on the other hand, once freed from the constraints of this body,  certainly can, and it can in a way beyond everything we can possibly imagine.

I am still processing Joe McMoneagle's "Mind Trek," and this seems as good a place as any to ask, "So, what's the difference between an NDE, an OOBE, and a remote viewing?"  Because they are discretely different states of consciousness. Or are they?  Maybe it comes down to the amount of conscious energy allotted to the experience, and where and how consciousness is focussed. As someone who's had more than a few OOBEs, I can verify--from personal experience--that both McMoneagle and Marion Rome are accurately describing "real" states of consciousness that are accessible here, and now.  You just have to drop your physical blinders a bit to glimpse that fantastical "greater" reality.

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