Sunday, October 13, 2013

Will anyone stop the suicide bombers of the American Republic?

I have been around the 'net, looking for some tea leaves to read.  I dropped by my old haunt, "Coast To Coast AM," to see if Evelyn Paglini has done a recent show.  Except for an Art Bell broadcast from 2001, I saw nothing.  Then I dropped by Unknown Country.  There was an interesting article there: John Hogue says that the next 18 months will be "among history's MOST IMPORTANT" (as if this has never been the case).  It's a special subscriber interview; I could download it and hear what he says.  (Perhaps I will, should the government default.)  But no one seems to be concerned about the looming default that's staring us in the face, as I type.

Will anyone stop the suicide bombers of the American Republic?  Do not the Koch Brothers, who financed the tea party movement from whole cloth, not understand that a federal default will impact their bottom line?  Is there no buyer's remorse?  We've always been told that "money" controls the American government.  Where are the money men, then?  Why aren't they pulling their strings?  Financiers, high rollers, leveraged buyers, and your ilk:  Listen up.  You get one chance at this.  Call in your suicide bombers, or there will be no party left to party.


  1. by the time i read this short piece, the--government--had churned a few more disastrous plots to unclog the drains upon its coffers. the parties had polarized as far as the senatorial semi-circle could allow, and, as i notice, the famous brothers Koch and their mix and match money hoarders were still seeking power in every form and format.
    their success is our piecemeal destruction..we are still at the wheel pedaling as fast as..

    1. Hi... how have you been? I have wondered about you. Me, I've been through some valleys in the past few years. I wrote this when I was angry. I'm less angry at the moment.

  2. if anger can fuel appropriate response in the written word/world then i am grateful to be able to find you in print again..i have been sporadically visible in humble appearances across blogspot space..last known nest and verdigrass..sketchy at most, spontaneous at least.welcome to a tentative spring, i am alive and well @ mynameatgeemaildotcom