Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Chicago: Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch"

I am departing somewhat (and semi-regularly) from the predominant theme of this blog to indulge in another interest of mine, namingly, popular music of the various genres, from all eras. Little-known fact: I almost became music major, but I lacked a critical ingredient: talent.

Question to the universe: does the above-titled show exist as an official medium (DVD)?  I've seen the bootleg copies online, but I doubt that they are any better than the YouTube excerpts that I've already downloaded.

I watched it on my black-and-white television in 1974 and got reacquainted with it again just this year, when I found it on YouTube... Although, truthfully, I've been searching so long for it--almost forty years.  At the time, a newspaper preview indicated that Chicago (the band) did not like doing television presentations because of the resultant poor audio quality--but they relented for this show. And they were proven right... The audio of this broadcast is pristine. It was quite the revelation for my budding audiophile ears at the time, and I was a mega-fan of the group (though this breakthrough might be lost on the digital generation).

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